Micronutrient Laboratories


Our Journey


First indigenous producer of micronutrient powder (MNP) in Nigeria and Africa; ISO certified. Export potential to ECOWAS regions. The first export to the Songhai Development Center in Port Novo.


A patent for micronutrient powder was issued for the pioneering effort in local development, design and production of micronutrient powder. The Benue State government purchased 10 million sachets of MNP (valued at N250 million) for the malnourished population in the state.


Gain supported platform for behavioral change communication (BCC) and social marketing. Gain purchased and additional 3 million sachets (valued at N75 Million) of MNP in order to complete the distribution to the population at risk of acute micronutrient deficiencies in Benue State.


Two million sachets (valued N50million) of MNP were produced for various clients, including NGOs, OXFAM and various state government initiatives


5.55million sachets of MNP (valued N138.75million) were produced under license and delivered to the State Ministry of Health in Maiduguri, Borno State, courtesy of the Federal Ministry of Health


Micronutrient Laboratories, Ltd. was founded by a world-renowned expert and patent holder with over 30yrs of industry experience in micronutrient formulation, design and production.

Our Achievements

Our COGNITO micronutrient powder (COGNITO MNP), which has helped over 350,000 kids, is reliable and efficient. We have more than 6 million sachets (2,000 cartons), which we have sent to the states where COGNITO MNP is urgently required to solve the malnutrition issue that many Nigerian children are facing.

Youngsters who were unable to stand independently were able to stand and walk. Youngsters with delayed IQ impairments were nevertheless able to converse. This health issue and many others were conquered by children who had lost their appetite.

Many mothers have been grateful for introducing them to COGNITO micronutrient powder after sharing their testimony of how COGNITO has helped their children recover quickly.

Production Capacity

As a leading nutrition brand, we’re committed to promoting health and wellbeing through smart nutrition. That’s why we’re proud to report that we’ve produced more than 31.5 million sachets (equivalent to 10,500 cartons) of COGNITO MNP in the last 12 months alone. COGNITO MNP is a high-quality, effective product that helps meet the nutritional needs of individuals and communities around the world.

We’re excited to announce our projection to produce over 108 million sachets (equivalent to 36,000 cartons) of COGNITO MNP in 2023. This ambitious goal reflects our confidence in the demand for our product, and our dedication to expanding our reach and impact. With this production increase, we aim to make COGNITO MNP more widely available to those who need it, including vulnerable populations and communities affected by malnutrition.

Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart as a trusted nutrition brand. We use only the highest-quality ingredients, backed by scientific research, to create products that deliver real, measurable results. Our team of experts is constantly exploring new ways to enhance the nutritional value and effectiveness of our products, to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals. Thank you for your trust in our brand, and for joining us on this journey toward better health for all.

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