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What is Cognito® Micronutrient Powder?

Cognito® Micronutrient Powder (MNP) is a single-serve blend of 15 essential micronutrients (10 vitamins and five minerals) for superior nutritional status for all children.
Also Cognito MNP can be used by adults at 1-3 sachets per day to meet their vitamins and minerals requirements as well as improve their immune defenses.

Is Cognito® MNP a drug?

No. Cognito® Micronutrient Powder is not a drug. It is a nutritional supplement which boosts your vitamin and mineral intake especially when carbohydrate foods dominate the diet.

Can Cognito® Micronutrient Powder be taken alone?

It is not advisable to take Cognito® Micronutrient Powder alone. Rather, it should be added directly to the food when ready to be consumed.

How many sachets of Cognito®MNP do I need to put in a bowl of soup for the family?

It is not advisable to add Cognito® into the general bowl of soup for the whole family. Rather, it should be added to the food serving per plate per child as the nutrients in a Cognito® 1gram sachet are high enough for one child only.
Also, Cognito® MNP should NOT be added to hot boiling food but rather to warm food at the point consumption. Very high temperatures destroy vitamins and minerals.

What kinds of food can I put Cognito® MNP into?

It is highly recommended that Cognito® MNP be added to porridges, pap, oats, custard, cereals, soups, and any semi-solid foods.

Can Cognito® MNP be used with beverages?

It is not recommended to add Cognito® MNP to beverages as the tannin in beverage reacts with the iron in Cognito® to cause a discoloration at medium to high temperature.

For how long should Cognito® MNP be used?

As recommended by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organization (WHO), Cognito MNP should be used for children between 6months and 59 months (from 6 months to 6years).
However adults can consume 2-3 sachets per day of CognitoMNP as a daily multivitamin supplement without any restriction on duration.

Where can I store Cognito®?

Cognito® MNP should be stored away from direct sunlight and heat preferably below 270C (80.60F).

I already give my children fruits and vegetables, why should I include Cognito® MNP in their meal?

Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended and in fact should be taken three times a day in order to ensure adequate nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals. However, this is an ideal situation which can hardly be achieved on a daily basis. Hence, Cognito MNP helps to optimize the vitamins and mineral intake and help boost the immune function.

My child is very healthy and rarely falls ill, do I still need to give him / her Cognito® MNP?

Yes. It is known that vitamins and mineral deficiencies are hidden for a long time before they manifest as disease conditions. Therefore, Cognito MNP protects against micronutrient deficiencies that are usually not obvious. With Cognito MNP, any infectious disease which afflicts a healthy child will not escalate, but rather will run a mild and short course.

What if I forget to give my child a sachet the previous day, can I make up and give him 2 sachets the next day?

No. You cannot give your child 2 sachets of Cognito per day.
Do not try to compensate for what was not given the previous day; Because we are human and may forget at times to give our child every day, when such happens, just give a single sachet the next day.

Why must Cognito® MNP be added at the temperature conducive for eating and the food eaten within 30 minutes of addition?

Vitamins and minerals are best consumed at lower temperatures. Therefore, adding Cognito® MNP to very hot foods can result in discoloration of the food which may no longer be appealing to the eyes, even though it is still not harmful if eaten.
This discoloration results when food mixed with Cognito® MNP is left uneaten for more than 30 minutes. The cause is oxidation (iron mixing with air).

Can an adult take Cognito®?

Adults can take Cognito®; 2-3 grams per day, 7 days a week.

Where can I get Cognito®?

Cognito MNP is available with our partners in Onitsha, Abuja and Lagos; as well as Primary Health Centers across the federation.

If my child is unable to finish his meal, can I store and feed him the food later when he is hungry?

Food to which Cognito® has already been added must be finished at a sitting. To make it easier, separate a portion of the served meal, add Cognito® MNP, stir and feed the child that portion before continuing with the other portion.

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