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For your chocolates, beverages, corn flakes, wheat flour, malt drinks and all other products which require world-class micronutrient applications.

We design, formulate and deliver various micronutrient blends for various food and nutrition industries.

Worked in close collaboration with Fortitech Incorporation; Schenectady New York (1992-2010); that led to the successful fortification of BOURNVITA and best in class Flour premix with supporting analytical validation, for all Flour Millers in Nigeria.

Cognito® MNP is our first offering and a registered trademark of Micronutrient Laboratories Ltd. (MLL).

Above all, it is covered by a micronutrient powder patent issued in year 2013 and valid till year 2033.

MLL production plant is presently situated at Plot C39A, Amuwo-Odofin Commercial Scheme, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos state.


    To localise the knowledge and best practices for nutrition and wellness, for improved human development index


    To be the most innovative and valuable micronutrient technology provider in Africa.


    Human Capital with Innovative Mindset

    Collaborative Teamwork

    Transformational Organization Culture

Dr. Kenny Acholonu

Dr. Kenny Acholonu

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Kenny Acholonu, the Founder of Bio-Organics Nutrient Systems Limited (1991-2015), is the Chief Innovation Officer of this project. He is a world-renowned expert and patent holder with over 35 years knowledge-based applications to various agro-allied industries. Over the years, he developed extensive global nutrition network which spans USA, Europe and Asia.

The Chief Innovation Officer is supported by 5 key executives with a combined experience of over 50 years in human capital development, food safety and quality management systems, micronutrient powder production, quality control, local and international supply chain, quality management systems, micronutrient powder production, quality control, local and international supply chain logistics.


Cognito® Micronutrient Powder

Cognito® MNP is a specially-designed micronutrient powder containing ten (10) essential vitamins and five (5) minerals for high cognitive development and performance, physical growth and optimum health.

NAFDAC number: A8-4768

PATENT number: NG/P/2013/621

Every child deserves a healthy diet filled with the goodness of essential micronutrients. Therefore, protecting vulnerable malnourished children should be non-negotiable.

Cognito® Micronutrient Powder (Cognito® MNP) offers a cost-effective means for realizing this vital child survival goal. It is the product of first-rate science and micronutrient specialists deploying current knowledge and technology.

The unique formulation produced with the highest food safety standards offers the following nutritional benefits;

  • Vitamins A, C and E (Antioxidants) that help build immunity, neutralize free radicals and guard the body against common infectious diseases.
  • Vitamin D and Iron – for strong bones, cell formation, and prevention of Anemia
  • Zinc – Promotes healthy cells that fight diseases including viral infections. It is also essential for diarrhea control.
  • Iodine, needed for optimal mental development and enhanced cognitive functions
  • Vitamin B group which are essential for fat and carbohydrate metabolism, production of blood cells,and healthy brain development.
  • Other vitamins and minerals that improve overall child development.

Cognito® MNP is a readily available micronutrient powder for optimizing the nutritive value of local foods for all malnourished children including those in challenged settings: conflict areas, IDPs, poverty-chains.


Cognito® MNP is primarily targeted at children 6-59 months***


Mix one sachet of Cognito® MNP with a served portion of any semi-solid food or porridges. Stir well, and it is ready to eat.

***Exclusive breastfeeding is highly recommended for the first 6 months of life and complementary for 2 years.

Product is not a replacement for food.